Small Kitchen Fire Wake Up Call

Holy smokes, I almost burned down my kitchen last night. I was making pulled pork sandwich and homemade potato chips for dinner. I was going to baked the potatoes but I was out of parchment papers so I decided to fry it on the stove instead. I put it few slices of potato in and […]

How I Decluttered My Media Collections

I used to have a bookshelf that I was proud of. After all, it was said that “you can learn a lot about a person from their bookcase”. By the way I organized my bookcase and the things I collected in it,  I would be seen as interesting, smart and handy. That’s probably why I […]

Social Media Overload

I never realize how social media is ruining my life. I woke up roughly around 7 this morning. I lied in bed as usual, doing my morning routine. First, I grab my phone and check my email. I scan through them, deleting all advertisement and reading blog updates. Then I move on to Facebook. I […]

Inspire Passion

Passion? What passion? What is passion? I struggled with that a lot. I used to be so upset because I don’t have a passion or an interest so great that I can immerse in. Well, I had been wrong! I just realized that I do have a passion, I just never recognized it. Learning is […]

What Makes My Life Real Simple

Living the past couple decades in chaos left me disconcerted. Married with three boys, lived in a modest three bedroom two bath home in a relatively good neighborhood, had more cars than I needed, had more things than I needed, had more toys than I needed, had more debts and problems that I wanted and […]